Raising funds for your cheer squad

It is not cheap to run a cheer squad. Its members need uniforms and shoes and then there are the competition fees to take care of. Of course, there are other incidental expenses that may seem insignificant, but can also be burdensome when they accumulate. To offset the costs related to running a cheer squad, one of the best solutions is to find a sponsor who will be willing to shoulder a part or all of the expenses needed to ruin the squad. Many companies are actually quite open to sponsoring cheer squads. You just need to find them and get in touch with them.

Below are some important information getting sponsors for your cheer squad.

The benefits of sponsorship.

As a cheer quad coach or manager, you need to know that sponsorship is more than  just requesting fro funds from companies. It is actually building a relationship. Sponsorship will not only benefit your squad. It also holds plenty of advantages for the sponsor. Sponsorship actually allows companies to reach a segment of their market that fail to reach through conventional means. This is the reason why you need be ashamed to approach potential companies. You should be armed with the knowledge that you can actually improve their business through sponsorship. This way, sponsorship is very much different from asking for donations.

What you can offer potential sponsors

There are many opportunities to advertise that you can offer to potential sponsors. First, you can put a sponsor’s name or logo in your uniform. In this way, every time you compete, people will see the name or logo of the sponsors in the attire you are wearing. You can also put up a banner with the sponsor’s name or logo in your school gymnasium. You can also bring a banner with you to your competition and performances. Passing out flayers with information about their sponsor is another thing that you can do to advertise its product or service. Whenever possible you can also make an announcement that you are being supported by the company. The possibilities for promotion are actually endless. You are only limited by your imagination.

The process of getting a sponsor

Before you go out and approach companies for sponsorship, it would be better if you can make a kit first of the companies that you think will be right for your squad. Since members of cheer squad are mostly in their teens, it is not appropriate to get liquor or cigarette companies as sponsors. You should be able to set a good example to other young individuals. It is best if you will also stay away from fast food restaurants or junk foods since you should be promoting good health and a healthy lifestyle. After you are done with your list, you can start making letters or proposals. Make it short and direct to the point,. Executives do not have much time to sift through long correspondences. Whenever possible, schedule a one on one meeting with a representative of the company so you can present your group better.

How to find cheerleading competitions?

Cheerleading is a competitive sport.  Most people just think its about a group of girls in short skirts jumping around.  But there is a lot more to it than just lively dancing and applause. Almost every high school groups participate in local and state competitions. A lucky few high school and college groups participate in national and intercontinental competitions. These extremely gymnastic flooring programs contain swing, jumping, tumbling, cheers and stunting, and usually last about 2-3 minutes. Because the stakes are so high at these competition that some of these teams have choreographers to assist them.

The standard format of a cheerleading competition breaks into 3 general components. First cheerleaders do the challenging stunting and tumbling. The second part is where they are judge on their ability to energize the crowd. The group at that point transitions from their swing formation to the last formation.  Most groups end their routines with some sort of pyramid.

The best what is the best way to find cheerleading competitions? This is not hard to do.  You can find many competitions online.

There are many cheerleading competitions posted over the net. You can pick nearby, state and regional competition close to you to enroll in. If you like to join in a higher level of cheerleading competition you can search nationwide competition over the internet. With just a click, you may browse the place and the degree of the competition and the categories and be on your way to a event.

Cheerleading Competition

Cheerleading competition is one of the well liked recreational activities that you see in all high school  colleges. Mostly surrounding such sports like football and basketball.  Cheerleading competitors have come to be a very popular sporting activity. Cheerleading squads from all over the globe come to show their dance steps and routines.  They come in hopes of gaining national recognitions for their talents and to win trophies and prizes.

The large cheerleading competitions are held annually at different sites with only those cheerleading groups in the neighborhood having the ability to contend. Numerous of these bigger competitors are televised on ESPN.  As you see, cheerleading events have now obtained national exposure.

With the introduction of cheerleading competitions, it has come to be a huge market worth millions of dollars instead of merely learning some incantations and moves to offer passion at pep rallies and at sporting events. There are complex gymnastic and also swing moves involved along with pyramids as well as other fantastic designs.

You have to do a lot to win these competitions.  Its serious business.

The amount of time and devotion required in preparing for a cheerleading competition is enormous. Depending on the degree of talent involved, the group can spend up to 20 hours a week merely exercising their 3 to 4 minute routines. While that does reveal obsession and dedication, there is also the element of strength and endurance that is involved as well.

The number of cheerleaders who have been hurt in preparing for or hurt during the course of a competition is growing. Accidents are reported by intensive care unit officials each year. There have actually also been a few fatalities resulting from training for such occasions in rare instances.

Because cheerleading competitions are producing large income for those that promote it, as well as those who participate in them due to the huge viewership base, It is my belief that cheerleading competitions are here to stay and will only get bigger in the years to come.